War Victims 6

War Victims 6


Running time: 70 minutes

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The latest release in the series that ranks among the best ever from the video underground. Two separate tales of beauty and torture.

Arabian Torture Slave – A beautiful exchange student from the Middle East is suspected of being associated with an International Terrorist Group. She is brought to a secret location to be questioned. She is stripped naked, humiliated, whipped, tortured and sexually abused by her zealous captors. By the time her tormentors are finished the young beauty is completely ravaged and broken. This is a tale as old as history and as new as today’s headlines.

Screaming Witch of the Inquisitors – A superb beauty is suspected of practicing witchcraft and is brought to the torture chamber to be purged of her sins. Her lush body is bared and she is shamed and humiliated by the cruel Inquisitors. The whip brings screams of pain from her bee-stung lips but her cries for mercy go unheeded. This is a graphic and unsettling look at the barbaric practices of the Inquisition, carried out in the name of religious war.

Although these stories are not as terrible as the actual events that inspired them, we caution you! These are graphic and relentless depictions of man at his most savage and they are not intended for the casual viewer. You have been warned!

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